Data Science in R Programming

Prerequisite for the course

  • A basic understanding of Internet technology and websites is helpful.There is no need for any prior knowledge to take this Training Course.


What if You miss a  class?

You can access recording video of to your missed class on our website.

Can i attend a demo class before enrollment?

You can view our live-demo  session recordings always.

Who should go for this Training?

This training of qwikmind is suited for all the professional which will be provided by trained IT professional.

What if I have more queries?

Write to us at with your query and we will get back to you soon.

About The Course

  • Data analytics (DA) is the process of examining data sets in order to draw conclusions about the information they contain, increasingly with the aid of specialized systems and software.It is a detailed and professional Data Analytics with R training designed by IT professionals which provides in-depth Knowledge. The Training includes theoretical and lab sessions which are conducted by Trainers as per the Industry standards.

Why This Course

  • Organizations are demanding more from their data analytics efforts, wanting immediate insights that will help drive business decisions.​

  •  Since large measures of data are pooling in the company, it is constantly critical to take the correct choice and beat the drawbacks in companies.

  • Working as a data analyst is a popular choice for many. An entry-level data analyst will receive an annual salary between $50,000 – $75,000 while experienced analysts can expect to receive between $65,000 – $110,000. A data analyst salary is well above the median household salary in the U.S. of $51,939.

Course Description

  • Data Analytics is used to enhance productivity and business gain.

  • And it is widely used in commercial industries to enable organizations to make more-informed business decisions and by scientists and researchers to verify or disprove scientific models, theories and hypotheses.

What you will learn

  • Learn how to look into and outline data sets using R and eventually create your own analysis.

  •  Learn programming fundamental.

  • Our trainers will teach you with examples form the basics.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Data Analytics

  • Introduction to R

  • Detail Programming in R

  • Data Manipulation using R

  • Data Structure in R

  • Data Visualization in R

  • Introduction to Data Mining

  • Clustering Techniques, Decision Trees, Random Forrest

  • Data Rule Mining - Association

  • Basic and advanced Regression in R

  • Matrices and Vectors

  • Liner and logistics Regression