Frequently Asked Questions


Please have a look at Frequently asked questions.

How  Your Course Will Run?

After your enrollment process ,one person from our counselor team will contact you to discuss your current relaxation in programming,and your time flexibility. In next step we will pair you up with other candidates .for similar subject.You will be able to learn faster and better and will show more interest if you study in a group.

What About the E-Learning Content?

After your registration process and payment method for a course ,we will provide you access to the e-learning content on our website.

What About Our Mentors?

We always hire experience trainers for our candidates .They will be there for you always whenever you are having any query.

What About The Cancellation Policy?

As most of the details have been listed on our website, candidates are requested to read them properly. Once a candidate have enrolled for the course, we don't have any cancellation policy. If the candidate wants to attend the training in different batch, we might have an option depending on the number of students enrolled for that course.

Can You Get Any Demo Video Before Enrollment?

Yes,we do provide demo class for interested candidates before enrollment for some courses.

Can You Get Any Offer ?

If we are having any offer regarding any particular course we always update that on our website.You can see Offer page for more information.

Are You Having More Query?

For more you can contact our support team here­­­­­