HBase,MangoDb & cassandra

Prerequisite for the course

  • There is no prerequisite for taking this training.Basic knowledge of any programming language will be beneficial


What if You miss a  class?

You can access recording video of to your missed class on our website.

Can i attend a demo class before enrollment?

You can view our live-demo  session recordings always.

Who should go for this Training?

This training of qwikmind is suited for all the professional which will be provided by trained IT professional.

What if I have more queries?

Write to us at contact@qwikmind.com with your query and we will get back to you soon.

About The Course

  • Its a detailed training program on HBase,MangoDB,Cassandra which will be provided to you by our professional IT trainers.

  • You will learn here detailed side-by-side view of Cassandra and HBase and MongoDB and you will  get a clear idea about the places of implementation of these

Why This Course

  • Cascandra:​

  • Apache Cassandra is the leading NoSQL, distributed database management system driving many of today's modern business applications by offering continuous availability, high scalability and performance, strong security, and operational simplicity while lowering overall cost of ownership.

  • No single point of failure ensures 100% availability.

  • Operational simplicity for lowest total cost of ownership.

  • Best-in-class scalability of NoSQL platforms.​

  • MangoDB:​​

  • By offering the best of traditional databases as well as the flexibility, scale, and performance required by today’s applications, MongoDB lets innovators deploy apps as big as they can possibly dream. From startups to enterprises, for the modern and the mission-critical, MongoDB is the database for giant ideas.

Course Description

  • Cassandra

  • Wide-column store based on ideas of BigTable and DynamoDB.Cassandra is used by a quarter of the Fortune 100.

  • Implementation language:Java

  • MangoDB

  • Wide-column store based on Apache Hadoop and on concepts of BigTable. MongoDB is the next-generation database that helps businesses transform

  • Implementation language:C++

  • HBase

  • One of the most popular document stores.

  • Implementation language:Java

What you will learn

  • Learn MangoDB, Cassandra and HBase

  • Prepare for Cloudera certification

Course Contents

  • Introduction to HBase

  • HBase Modelling​

  • HBase schema and Architecture

  • MapReduce with repect to HBase

  • Using Hive to query HBase

  • Bulk load

  • Performance

  • Connect HBase using java API to proces real time data

  • Introduction to MangoDB - NoSQL Database

  • Installation of MangoDB

  • CRUD operations - Inert, Read and update of Data

  • Aggregation and Indexing

  • MangoDB cluster operations

  • Performance

  • Scalability

  • Introduction of Cassandra

  • Installation of Cassandra

  • Data modelling in Cassandra