Course Contents

  • Course Contents

  • By Using Framework you can organize and plan marketing approach.

  • Understands the advantages and Limitation for this.

  • Here you will get to learn how to plan and develop your content.

  • hoe to track effect of contents.

What you will learn

  • Understand the basics of SEO

  • Understand the basics of Facebook Marketing

  • Use basic e-marketing tools

  • Apply traditional marketing strategies in an online environment

  • Evaluate a firm’s internet marketing strategy

  • Understand the basics of LinkedIn Ads

  • Understand the basics of Google Ads & PPC & Display Advertising

  • Understand the basics of a Funnel

Course Description

  • Online Marketing is an strategy used to promote products and services through various online channels to reach consumers. The main focus is branding, increase traffic, reach targeted audience and increase sales through various online digital channels.

  • The digital landscape is fast-paced and continually changing, yet is an equally challenging and exciting environment in which to work. This course is relevant to anyone working in marketing, communications, public relations, social media and advertising.

Why This Course

  • Learn how to do marketing online

  • Reach right audience, boost traffic and increase sales

  • Open gates for multiple industries, as its been important source of Marketing

  • Work as a Freelancer and earn online.

  • Thousands of Job Openings for Digital Marketing Professionals.

  • Average pay scale for Digital Marketing Manager is 5,00,00/- per annum.S

About The Course

  • A strong online marketing plan helps to reach new targeted audience and helps individuals and companies to increase conversions. Online marketing includes various platforms as search engine optimization, social media marketing, search engine marketing and web analytics. Its exponential growth has transformed the value chain of virtually every industry, and millions of commercial businesses are now doing business online. This course will introduce you to the range of marketing uses of the Internet.


What if You miss a  class?

You can access recording video of to your missed class on our website.

Can i attend a demo class before enrollment?

You can view our live-demo  session recordings always.

Who should go for this Training?

This training of qwikmind is suited for all the professional which will be provided by trained IT professional.

What if I have more queries?

Write to us at with your query and we will get back to you soon.

Prerequisite for the course

  • A basic understanding of Internet technology and websites is helpful.There is no need for any prior knowledge to take this Training Course

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