Instructor-led training vs eLearning

Instructor-led training vs eLearning remains one of the fiercest battles on the learning landscape. If you’re leaning towards instructor-led, then here’s what you’re in for:


Easier to adapt – Whereas eLearning is created in advance and delivered as it is, an instructor can be more flexible with their delivery. They can react to questions and judge the general reception of their training, allowing them to switch things up there and then if necessary.

More social – Using a social learning platform is a great way to foster collaborative learning and harness intellectual capital. But an instructor can help learners to bounce ideas off one another during a workshop, allowing them to improve their working relationships and understanding of the topic.

Easier to enforce – When you book a formal training session, it’s not something that learners can wriggle out of. It involves a lot of preparation and arrangements, so everyone ends up clear about exactly when and where it is. With online learning you need to really focus on engaging your learners, to ensure that they actually bother to log on and take it.


More expensive – Instructor-led training carries a hefty price tag! You need a venue, refreshments, and the instructor. Logistically, you also need to gather together everyone at the right place at the right time, which often involves travel and accommodation costs. On top of this, there’s the cost involved in taking learners away from the workplace.

More limited – Unless you’re running a webinar, you can only fit so many people into a classroom or lecture hall. Even so, instructor-led training works best in small groups, because the trainer can focus their attention onto individuals. Online training on the other hand can be delivered to a global workforce with the click of a button.

Restricts learners – With instructor-led training, learners have to work through at the pace that’s been decided for them. With online training, learners can go at the speed they want to. They can skip past things they already know to focus on new areas, or head back to recap something which they’re struggling with. They can also learn at times to suit them, so they fit learning around their schedule.

Clearly instructor-led training has its place, but it works best when it’s blended with an online learning solution.

Good luck!

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